Monday, 28 November 2016

ARTICLE published by CRN Online Magazine
Centerprise is pushing deeper into the distribution space with a new dedicated brand and sales office in Telford. The advent of 'Ci Distribution' will see Centerprise move beyond distributing just rugged devices and into the components and peripherals space.A new office in Telford dedicated to the brand has been established.

Jon Atherton, who joined Centerprise Group as commercial director in March, said the investment marks a big departure for the firm.

"Centerprise as a business has been trading for 33 years, predominantly, as everyone knows, focused on MoD and defence – obviously that has expanded over the years to different verticals, it has had a distribution team for in excess of 14 years but purely focused on rugged devices and peripherals, and they've been very successful selling those to the channel. But it was never separate as a business in terms of the branding. Since I've come on board I felt it was important to split that off, hence why Ci Distribution was born."

"It now has its own logo and focus within marketing and within the business." 

New hires in Telford include (pictured from left to right) Steven Parker, Iain Gillogaley, Ben Davies and Darren Perks, the latter of whom worked with Atherton at Entatech. 

Adding in the rugged device and peripherals team that works at Centerprise's Basingstoke HQ, Ci Distribution has a headcount of 12, up from five when Atherton joined. 

"We've got four people [in the Telford office] who have over 100 years' experience in IT distribution, who obviously know a lot of people at customers and suppliers," said Atherton.

"Our prime focus will be around components and peripherals and some unique products into the market. We are optimistic it will be a success."  Atherton added.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Media Release 16/11/2016

Leading retailer of high-end computer components and customised gaming PCs, YoYoTech, takes part in one of its most successful events to date.

The Westfield Shopping Centre in London hosted its Technology Showcase event from 26th - 30th October, with YoYoTech situated on its list of exhibitors.

The Tech Show was accommodated with the aim of presenting tot he public the latest technology and innovations brought by prominent IT and gaming companies.

YoYoTech showcased its latest gaming PCs, various peripherals and monitors from a number of vendors, customised systems with a higher SP designed specifically for the event, and of course the Oculus Rift, which proved to be the event's main attraction.

Also present at the YoYoTech stand were representatives from both the MSI Notebook and ASUS teams, who were each offered their own section at the exhibit in order to push their products to YoYoTech customers. This allowed customers to interact directly with some of the top vendors represented by YoYoTech.

In addition to its being a successful event in terms of great sales, the Technology Showcase was also pivotal in allowing face-to-face contact with existing and potential YoYoTech customers, as well as generating further buzz around the brand name.

Business Development Manager, Ryan Pearton, asserted:
"We really showed our customers our Value add, when brought face-to-face with them."

YoYoTech Managing Director, CK Kohli, added:
"A truly amazing event, with a good chance to meet old and new customers, and a great response all around. Most importantly, however, it was great team work and I extend my gratitude to the Centerprise HR and Marketing teams for their help making the event a success. We look forward to attending many more events in the near future – YoYoTech rocks!" 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Media Release 07/11/2016

Industry-recognised IT distributor, Ci Distribution, is now equipped to sell branded refurb tablets, desktops and notebooks by all its tier one manufacturers. Moreover, all Grade 'A' refurbed products are backed with a direct end-user warranty to offer users invaluable peace of mind. 

Ci Distribution will be combining the hardware offering with Centerprise's ADISA-accredited (Distinction) Asset Retirement services. In this way, when it comes to both refurbishing and shredding, Ci Distribution guarantees the highest level of security, offering peace of mind to both its resellers and end customers. 

Ci Distribution can also offer a full retirement service to its reseller partners. Any resellers who take up those services – i.e. add them to their service portfolio – will no doubt be creating a stronger proposition with significantly increased value. 

Ci Distribution Business Development Manager, Darren Perks, asserted: 

"We will be stocking leading brand refurbs, which have gone through a stringent refurb process, to our reseller database at competitive pricing. The refurb market is certainly growing rapidly, especially as environmental concerns are pushing their way to the top of agendas and budgets are becoming 

Perks also stated:

"Ci Distribution will also be looking to partner with resellers and offer them an asset retirement service, which will only strengthen resellers' positions on tenders and quotes. There are so many opportunities which are overlooked when it comes to simply asking our customer the question: 'What are your intentions with your old systems and the data they hold?'"

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Media Release 01/11/2016

Centerprise is proud to announce its successful award to the new RM3733 Technology Products 2 Agreement.This Framework is to replace the RM1054 Agreement, which will expire on November 16, 2016, and consisted of 4 lots – 3 of which Centerprise tendered for and was appointed to in 2014. 

RM3733 is available to be utilised by any public sector body in the UK, and provides a fit-for-purpose and market-leading replacement solution for the RM1054 Agreement. 

Bidding for RM3733 began on May 20, 2016, and unlike its predecessor, this agreement features 6 rather than 4 lots. Centerprise is proud to announce its exclusive position, being the only company awarded a position across ALL lots. 

The Framework's 6 lots are: Hardware, Software, Combined Hardware and Software Requirements, Information Assured Products, Volume Hardware Requirements, and Catalogue. 

Centerprise Defence & Security Manager and RM3733 Pursuit Lead, Phil Boyes, said: 

"The successful award of RM3733 across all 6 lots further strengthens our position across Public Sector. The step change towards an increased evaluation of Quality and Technical opposed to price, strengthens the Government commitment towards SME's such as ourselves."

The RM3733 Framework highlights Centerprise's great standing as a provider of IT products, services and solutions. Moreover, that the Centerprise name appears across every single lot accentuates the company's unique, competitive position amongst other providers on that list. 

Centerprise Chairman, Rafi Razzak, stated: 

"We are delighted to be awarded all the lots in the new CCS Framework Agreement. This is testimony to our value add as an SME operating in the space of the public sector for over 25 years. Our philosophy has not changed; it is based on honesty, trust and respect. We listen to our customer and deliver value for money, coupled with unrivalled services." 

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