Monday, 17 October 2016

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Theale, Berkshire (29th September 2016),  23 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, the ICT consultancy and managed services company, and CENTERPRISE INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED, a large European ICT provider specialising in enterprise infrastructure and client solutions, today announced a definitive merger agreement which will enhance their capability to deliver Digital Transformation Projects and Managed ICT Services.

The merger with Centerprise, based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, further enhances Centerprise’s portfolio of managed services and increases 23 Technology’s share in the ICT services market. 

“After working successfully as strategic partners for several years, the merger was formed to provide additional ‘as a service’ solutions for clients across the UK and into Europe,” commented Rafi Razzak, Chairman of Centerprise. “Our financial strength, geographic reach and extensive customer base will allow 23 Technology greater access to complex digital transformation projects and enterprise scale managed ICT service contracts.”

“The combination of Centerprise with our dynamic professional services team will provide our clients with an enhanced portfolio of technical resource and capacity to deliver high performance ICT solutions, efficient virtualised technology, secure cloud and mobile computing platforms,” said Paul Foster, Managing Partner of 23 Technology. “This partnership will add further momentum to the company’s strategic growth plans and significantly increase our managed services revenue in the years ahead,” added Paul.

Centerprise will use its long-term relationships and presence on public sector framework agreements to work with 23 Technology to find new business and grow their respective market share. “The integration of both companies will be completed by the end of October 2017, during which the customers of both companies will continue to receive the same quality of ICT supply and service,” stated Rafi Razzak, Chairman of Centerprise.  “The unwavering focus of both companies to deliver excellent customer service is just one of the reasons why this merger will be successful for all concerned, particularly our customers,” asserted Paul Foster, Managing Partner of 23 Technology.

The Centerprise investment in 23 Technology will not change the company brand names or key personnel. “We know that joining forces with Centerprise will allow us to contribute far more to Centerprise’s exciting objectives for 2017 and in the years ahead. We will work together to increase the existing knowledge and capability of the business development, solution design and service delivery functions which will lead to the achievement of our strategic goals,” explained Paul Foster.

Under the terms of the agreement, Centerprise will acquire a 55% stake in 23 Technology.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Headed by experienced Group Commercial Director, Jon Atherton, the Centerprise Marketing Team has witnessed a 300% increase in manpower (or in this case, woman-power) since March – a month which has seen Karlee Gould (Creative Lead) join forces with new marketing executives, Harriett Walters and Julie Miah. Alongside this trio, an experienced copywriter, Nour Bahgat, has also recently joined the group. In addition, the Centerprise Marketing Department is looking forward to the recruitment of a second Designer in the near future. Well-known to the IT channel, and a seasoned veteran with over 25 years of experience, Atherton asserts:
“With this team, I am confident we will deliver on our promise to offer the Centerprise Group the truly well-rounded representation it deserves.”
Meet the Team!

Karlee Gould (Creative Lead): Armed with a degree in Fashion Design and Illustration, Karlee is in charge of all things design-and-art-related. She has been with Centerprise for 2 and a half years to-date. From crafting unique promotional material, to creating entire websites, Karlee is a one-of-a-kind artist with a keen eye for detail.
“We’re a Super-sonic Ci Machine #NoShame” – Karlee.

Harriett Walters (Marketing Executive): Upon obtaining a Business degree from Kingston Business School in 2014, Harriett lived for a year in Malta, before acquiring relevant experience working for an IT company. Highly-motivated and secretly witty, Harriett never fails to bring a degree of professionalism and friendliness to the table, delivering quality work which speaks for itself.

“Everyone in the team comes from varying backgrounds and experience and I look forward to the coming year and finding out what we are capable of together” – Harri.

Julie Miah (Marketing Executive): In 2014, Julie was awarded a 1st Class Honours Degree in Digital Media from Portsmouth University. After gaining significant expertise working in varying Marketing roles, Julie arrived at Centerprise ready to put her well-rounded experience, contagious enthusiasm, and helpfulness to excellent use.

“Being part of such an energetic team is inspiring; I am positive that our marketing team will excel greatly and I look forward to the future with the creative bunch here” – Julie.

Nour Bahgat (Researcher/Copywriter): Nour studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Reading, after which she completed a Master’s Degree in Publishing at UCL. She acquired practical experience in digital marketing at a number of publishing companies, and is now utilising her combined passion for editorial and marketing to assist the team.

“I am privileged to have been offered a place on this fantastic team. From working on annual marketing plans, to organising wonderful charity events, our department is constantly buzzing with energy. I look forward to helping bring all our creative plans to life!” – Nour.

Aside from the significant growth in people on the ground, Centerprise has aligned its focus to incorporate the Marketing Team directly with Sales, in an effort to maximise future potential as well as increase awareness of all campaigns. Centerprise has also established new partnerships with vendors, and has solidified pre-existing relationships with others, including Dell, Panasonic and Fujitsu.
Moreover, for the future, Centerprise has plans to expand on its current customer focus, which at this point in time is predominantly public sector, and has been such since the company’s foundation in the 1980’s. In preparation to develop its profile in the private sector, Centerprise has initiated a B2B business unit and has expanded its Distribution Sales Business Unit.
Thus, with an increased focus on PR, and with a goal both to create new partnerships and strengthen established ones, the Centerprise Marketing Department is well-equipped to embark on the promising voyage ahead.


Editor’s Notes
Centerprise International

For over 30 years Centerprise has been acknowledged as one of the largest and most respected IT providers in the UK. A real British success story, Centerprise has developed a steadfast reputation for delivering large scale IT projects within the Business, Defence, Education, Government and Healthcare sectors.

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

For over two decades now, Ci Distribution (Ci D) has been supplying its way to greatness. Established in 1990, Ci D was in the business of delivering a vast array of hardware devices, ranging from components and scanners, to pcs, laptops and mp3 players. In other words, it was in the business of providing the equipment which we have now come to accept as everyday-essentials.

Fast-forward to 2014, Ci D began to invest its efforts in what has now become its main vein of specialisation: distributing ruggedised devices through the reseller channel. These tenaciously resilient pieces of hardware have been afforded more than your average five minutes of fame, from helping formulate the game-changing decisions of the Wimbledon umpires, to providing life-changing solutions for emergency ambulance services.

Owing to its successes in the reseller channels, Ci D saw fit to undergo an expansion of its team, with this year welcoming six brilliant new members of staff. Moreover, in addition to being armed with what has now become a team of 11 sales people, Ci D have a dedicated marketing resource helping them increase brand awareness and further raise their status within the market. Specifically, they have been assigned a member of the marketing team who is capable of offering them a bespoke marketing service, aligned to suit their unique brand – a brand which has now been encompassed in a new logo.

Acquiring its own brand inevitably signifies a bespoke brand image and service, and consequently, a bespoke identity. For this reason, a delineation of Centerprise and Ci D as being two separate brand entities was voted a natural and progressive way forward. The positive aftermath of such a decision is embodied in Ci D’s being listed by the CRN awards as a Specialist Distributor of the Year finalist.

But don’t just take our and their word for it; here is what Ci D business unit manager, Emma Loveless, had to say about the promising future that awaits:

“I am delighted with the re-branding which we hope will now reassure the market that Ci Distribution operates with its own identity. We have a solid strategy in place for growth that will ensure our customers can have the right products for their verticals. It is going to be a challenging but exciting year ahead.”


Editor’s Notes

Centerprise International

For over 30 years Centerprise has been acknowledged as one of the largest and most respected IT providers in the UK. A real British success story, Centerprise has developed a steadfast reputation for delivering large scale IT projects within the Business, Defence, Education, Government and Healthcare sectors.

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Centerprise have secured a contract with CERN, the European Research facility for Nuclear Science, to provide 25 petabytes of storage units alongside a 3 year support contract after demonstrating a substantially successful history of delivering server and storage solutions across the UK public sector.

Physicists and Engineers at CERN are studying the structure of our universe, quite literally particle by particle, in pursuit of discovering the fundamental laws of being. The research is conducted with particle accelerators that are designed, built and operated within CERN with the aim to one day conclude the question; how did we come to be here?

CERN is an intergovernmental organisation with 21 member states and is located on both sides of the French/Swiss border. The existence of CERN provides a platform that enables the international collaboration in the field of high-end particle research in their pursuit to ‘accelerate science’.

Centerprise built, tested and delivered the storage units in excess of 25,000TB ahead of the 8 week schedule. The project was completed in compliance with all specifications which included above industry standard component functionality.

In procurement and completion of the released tender, Centerprise have delivered an extensive infrastructure that contributes significantly to the storage and support network CERN require to maintain the ongoing search beyond the office.

Centerprise will continue to support CERN over the next three years as a recognised and approved supplier of the research facility.


Editor’s Notes

Centerprise International

For over 30 years Centerprise has been acknowledged as one of the largest and most respected IT providers in the UK. A real British success story, Centerprise has developed a steadfast reputation for delivering large scale IT projects within the Business, Defence, Education, Government and Healthcare sectors.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

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“Load up a game, crank up the settings, and this bird can really sing” James Archer, Computer Shopper

Centerprise partner YoYoTech have received even more recognition after a review from the industry leading title, Computer Shopper.

The spotlight fell on the Warbird RS12 – the ultra-powerful yet super sleek gaming workstation, crammed with handpicked hardware components.

The workstation received 4 stars from Computer Shopper, as well as a recommended Award, after undergoing the rigorous testing these reviews demand. Computer Shopper is read by technology enthusiasts across the UK and is home to the largest reviews section in any UK tech magazine. This section is often the first port of call for gamers when considering their next PC.

This most recent accolade comes shortly after an ‘Editor’s Choice’ award from MicroMart, proving that YoYoTech are leading the way in the UK gaming workstation market.

For more information about YoYoTech’s range, please visit:

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Centerprise International confirmed their inclusion on “Link: Solutions IT” the new NHS Shared Business Services Framework, with the second highest scoring proposal out of the 15 companies accepted.

Link: Solutions IT is a multi-million pound procurement framework for NHS bodies, as well as other public sector institutions. It will serve as a one stop shop for IT, with a single Lot covering cloud services, networking, virtualisation and managed services; reflecting the ways in which IT has changed in the last decade, as well as the latest trends in public sector IT procurement.

Centerprise International (Ci) has provided specialist IT within the NHS for a number of years. The new framework will run alongside the current Link: IT and so allow Ci to capitalise on their move into managed service provision, as well as providing a full product offering to NHS organisations.

Since diversifying into managed service provision in recent years, Ci is well positioned to build on its wealth of knowledge and experience within the Healthcare sector to supply the full array of services expected through this framework. Ci’s ability to design, implement and support relevant solutions is strengthened by the fact that it owns an impressive manufacturing facility located in Wales – this breadth and depth of capability undoubtedly contributed to Ci’s high scoring proposal. 

Sales Director, Jeremy Nash, said;

“This is another significant framework win for Centerprise. The NHS SBS framework offers NHS, and wider public sector, bodies a flexible and effective means to procure relevant services from a range of trusted suppliers.  We are looking forward to working with NHS SBS and the Trusts to make this framework a success”.

The framework has been orchestrated by the Shared Business Services, a joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria that provides best practice and economic business services for the NHS. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Centerprise International has named Jon Atherton as Group Commercial Director. In his new role, Atherton will be responsible for maximising vendor relations within the group and ensuring the group’s branding and exposure within the channel is maximised. In addition Atherton will be tasked for all PR and marketing and driving a number of our specialised sales channels.

“Jon is a well-known, respected personality within the channel. With his experience and success spanning over 25 years and his unique ability to spot new opportunities we are very excited by Jon’s appointment as a CI Director. The group over the last three years continues to go from strength to strength, Jon is one of a number of new key appointments” Said CEO, Garry Stevens

Jon Atherton commented; “I am very much looking forward to the challenge and what the role presents in ensuring myself and the business continue to support and grow our existing and new vendors. With the financial stability of CI, the continued growth of the group, the opportunity presented to me and the appetite by the board for potential aquisitions… and the persuasion of Rafi it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.”

Centerprise is recognised for their expertise within the rugged channel, supplying MOD, Government and Education channels with all aspects of I.T. With YoYo tech, Adam Continuity and CI Distribution the group is unique within the channel with its’ varied multi-channel approach.


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