Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Media Release 01/02/2017

Leading IT distributor, Ci Distribution, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with mobile power specialists, Lind Electronics.

Established in 1984, Lind Electronics has become a leading provider of rugged mobile power solutions for different industries, such as military, public safety, and warehousing. Lind's broad portfolio of mobile power solutions includes rugged DC/DC adapters (standard, isolated and MIL-standard), AC/DC and DC/DC combo adapters, shut down timers, and battery chargers.

Today, Lind Electronics operates in a variety of countries and cultures, providing industry-leading mobile power solutions and support worldwide. It creates custom solutions for the leaders in the computing and technology industry.

Lind Electronics Manager, Marcus Eisele, stated:
"We are very excited about this new partnership with Ci. Working together with one of the largest IT providers in the UK and Ireland will greatly benefit us and our customer base. With this agreement, we expect to be able to fulfil the growing demand for our products more effectively, and also to continue to provide a high level of service to our existing customers."

Having witnessed remarkable growth in recent months, Ci Distribution is confident that its broadened product range, along with its widespread market reach in the UK and worldwide, will pave the way for the even further expansion of Lind Electronics' presence in the industry.

Ci Group Commercial Director, Jon Atherton, said:
"Lind Electronics is a fantastic addition to Ci Distribution's ever-expanding portfolio. I am always proud to witness our vendor base growing from strength to strength. We are very much looking forward to working with Marcus and his team, and are excited about what the future holds for both parties as a result of this great partnership."

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Media Release 25/01/2017

With the launch of yet a new partnership, Basingstoke-based distributor, Ci Distribution, will ship out a wide range of ASRock products, including the small-form Beebox PC, Mainboards, and – in the near future – the G10 gaming Router. Ci Distribution believes that this widened product range, along with its wide market reach in the UK, will allow ASRock to drastically expand its presence.

With 3C design concepts, "Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness", ASRock explores the limits of motherboard manufacturing whilst simultaneously paying attention to environmental issues, developing products with the consideration of being eco-friendly.

Ci Distribution Business Development Manager, Darren Perks, stated:
"ASRock is a quality addition to our portfolio. The Mainboard products are well-recognised and received in the reseller community and give us a strong offering in the component and system build market place. We are also excited about the range of powerful mini PC's in the Beebox brand name, which will appeal to a number of markets. Moreover, it's an ideal time to launch our partnership with ASRock as they introduce their new-look KabyLake Motherboards."

Ci Distribution will work closely with ASRock to increase the channel exposure of a rapidly growing range of products. Ci D has already taken on the full range of Intel 200 series and will look to soon stock the entire portfolio.

ASRock Account Manager, Jack Yang, said:
"We are extremely delighted with the appointment of Ci Distribution as a Distribution Partner for our Mainboard and Mini PC range of products. I am looking forward to working with them and growing this segment alongside their ever-increasing vendor offering. Ci Distribution has an experienced team, headed up by Iain Gillogaley and Darren Perks, working on expanding their non-rugged portfolio. They offer an appealing route to market with the professional integration facilities they have at their disposal, as well as the services they are looking to blend into their offering to the channel, which will enhance their strong position in the market."

Ci Group Commercial Director, Jon Atherton, said:
"I am proud to be able to witness Ci D growing from strength to strength. In addition to our already promising portfolio, we have a number of great vendors which we aim to bring on board this New Year; I am more than optimistic about what the future holds for this fantastic team."

Friday, 13 January 2017

Media Release 13/01/2017

Fantastic news! We have not one, not two, but three nominations for this year's PCR Awards! Centerprise has been shortlisted for the Corporate VAR Category, Ci Distribution for Hardware Distributor, and YoYoTech for System Builder. 

The Corporate VAR Award is open to any UK-based Value Added Reseller, selling into medium to enterprise-sized businesses; the Hardware Distributor Award is open to any distributor that has a large hardware offering – this includes components (graphics cards, processors, motherboards), full PCs (desktops, laptops), or peripherals (mice, keyboards and headsets); and the System Builder Award is for any national system builder that makes custom PCs/laptops, whether channel-focused or shipping direct to consumer. 

In addition to our nominations, two of our very own are sitting on this year's judges panel; namely, Centerprise's Group Commercial Director, Jon Atherton, and YoYoTech's Managing Director, CK Kohli. 

The 2017 PCR Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 8th of March at the Brewery in London, and it promises to be an exciting event, with Ci Distribution selected as the official Entertainment Sponsor for the evening. 

Centerprise Group Commercial Director, Jon Atherton, stated: 

"It is fantastic to see Centerprise, Ci Distribution and YoYoTech all being shortlisted for the prestigious PCR Awards this year. I am proud to sit on the 2017 judges panel alongside CK, and although we cannot review our own submissions, it certainly won't stop us rooting for Ci. Here's to all three nominees – make us proud!"

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Media Release 21/12/16

Centerprise is proud to announce its award of a £1.7m contract with the renowned European Research Facility for Nuclear Science, CERN.

This year CERN release a global tender for the procurement of two lots of 210,000 HEP-SPEC063 energy-efficient, rack-mountable systems for the CERN Data Centre, located in Meyrin, Switzerland.

The tender required bidders from across the world to provide a solution for the delivery of the required CPU Servers for Physics Data Processing, Acquisition and Control Systems, all according to CERN's predefined specifications and strict delivery requirements.

Another prerequisite of the tender was for bidders to supply test log files for power, storage and system performance, with successful bidders also providing a sample system for evaluation, in order to ensure the results matched those stated on the tender response.

In partnership with E4 Computer Engineering, Centerprise worked and tested a number of relevant solutions in order to ascertain the best fit for CERN's vigorous requirements. Upon completion of testing and pricing, Centerprise presented two compliant solutions which met CERN's criteria and offered the best results from a performance-price perspective.

Centerprise's credentials were undisputed, given its reputation as an established systems integrator and a reseller of a wide array of manufacturers, possessing certifications from Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and other major vendors. This, in addition to the company's ability to demonstrate its robust Quality Management System, as evinced by its notable list of ISO certifications, led to Centerprise's being deemed an approved CERN supplier.

Consequently, Centerprise was awarded a contract by CERN to supply over 210,000 HEP-SPEC063 which resulted in a total of 120 servers with a further order of 15 servers, all which had to be built, tested and shipped within 8 weeks of CERN's purchase order.

Centerprise is proud to declare its smooth completion of the delivery in advance of the required date, with an agreement to provide support for servers delivered to CERN over the next three years.

Centerprise HPC Systems Integrator Account Manager, Ramsey Razzak, said:
"This is a prestigious contract win for Centerprise that validates our ability to build, configure and deliver computational equipment to highly-educated customers with specific configurations and strict deadlines."

Friday, 9 December 2016

 Media Release 09/12/2016

Leading rugged IT distributor, Ci Distribution, has signed a partnership contract with global designer and rugged mobile manufacturer, Getac. 

Having already witnessed phenomenal growth this year, Ci Distribution continues along its rapid path of development with an announcement of its latest partnership with Getac.

Getac offers the most extensive rugged computing product lines, ranging from laptops to tablets and handheld computers. The manufacturer caters to a wide range of vertical markets, including: military & defence, law enforcement, public safety, emergency services, utility, field services, oil and gas, telecommunications, transportation, and industrial manufacturing.

Since 1989, Getac has made a number of technological breakthroughs designed to improve the performance and safety aspects of utilising computers in dangerous environments. Such innovations include QuadraClear® sunlight readable display screens, night vision without goggles, advanced power saving technology, and the industry’s first resistive multi-touch display for use with gloves.

Ci Distribution will be working closely with Getac to actively promote their rugged mobile product lines, therefore offering Ci Distribution resellers an impressive product portfolio spanning across different vertical markets.

Emma, Business Unit Operations Supervisor, stated:

“Ci Distribution are delighted to announce this new and exciting partnership with Getac.  As a long standing manufacturer of Rugged Mobile Solutions the products fit perfectly into our strategy to be the No 1 Distributor of Rugged Products in the UK. We look forward to working closely with Getac and our customers on the products over the coming months.”

Chris Bye, Getac, stated:

“We are seeing a growing demand for rugged mobile devices across a range of sectors as mobility increases and businesses realise the potential ROI and productivity gains. Expanding our ecosystem of distribution and reseller partnerships through Ci Distribution is an important step for us in realising greater market opportunities.”

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Media Release 06/12/2016

Centerprise is proud to announce its successful award to the new Link:2 IT Hardware and Services Framework.

This Framework is to replace the previous Link-IT Framework Agreement, which expired on 16 December 2016, and consisted of 10 lots – 3 of which Centerprise tendered for and was appointed to in 2012.

Link:2 is available to be utilised by all NHS Trusts and Public Sector Authorities, as well as all NHS SBS Members and Associated Members. It covers PC/Client hardware, ranging from laptops and tablets, to Special Clinical IT Hardware and Deployment Services. The Framework provides quality assurance of supply for all IT hardware covered under the agreement and is fully OJEU compliant.

Bidding Link:2 began in September 2016, and like its predecessor, this agreement features a total of 10 lots. In order to be awarded a place on the Framework Agreement, companies had to be ranked in the top 8 bidders. Centerprise is proud to announce its competitive position in the top 8, and its award of a place on 6 different lots.

Centerprise's 6 awarded lots are as follows: Lot 1 Desktops, Lot 2 Laptops, Lot 3 Tablets, Lot 4 Healthcare IT, Lot 7 Printers/Scanners, and Lot 8 Deployment Services.

The Agreement works in conjunction with the Link Solutions Framework, which was awarded to Centerprise in April 2016, and which covers servers and related products and services, as well as storage, networking and third party software.

Centerprise Government and Healthcare Business Unit Manager, Darren Smith, said:

"The NHS SBS Link:2 Framework win is another step in our commitment and ambition to further expand our footprint within the Healthcare vertical."

Monday, 5 December 2016

Media Release 05/12/2016

Basingstoke-based IT distributor, Ci Distribution, has added major brands, Gigabyte (GBT) and AORUS, to a rapidly growing portfolio.

Ci Distribution has entered into a promising partnership both with international computer hardware manufacturer, GBT, and gamer-focused brand, AORUS.

The AORUS brand, focused clearly on the Gaming and Performance segment, has developed a strong following and reputation since launching in 2014. AORUS hardware is specifically designed to suit the brand’s relatively thin and light gaming notebooks, which possess unique features such as high-end GPUs in a stunning, slim chassis design.

Ci Distribution’s role with both new partners will mainly focus on holding stock and actively promoting all GBT and AORUS gaming notebooks.

The addition of GBT and AORUS to Ci Distribution’s product portfolio has greatly bolstered the distributor’s current offering to its reseller database, enabling Ci Distribution to continue to uphold its commitment to the market by offering the best to its customers.

Having witnessed continuous growth in recent months, Ci Distribution believes that this broadened product range – along with its wide market reach in the UK and worldwide – will allow GBT and AORUS to considerably expand their presence within the industry.

The partnership will see Ci Distribution working together with both parties to provide them with the highest level of sales, logistics, and customer support.

Iain Gillogaley, Business Development Manager, stated:
The addition of Gigabyte and Aorus notebooks will allow Ci Distribution to branch into the exciting and growing gaming notebook market. Gigabyte have a growing reputation within this market, and are renowned for being first to market with class leading technical specifications. A varied range of products cover all price points and customer needs, and allow users to experience an immersive gaming experience. With existing links into gaming resellers, the company look forward to bolstering their offering with the addition of the Gigabyte range.”

Steve Clark, UK Country Manager, commented:

“We believe both of our Gaming Notebook brands, Gigabyte and AORUS, will appeal to resellers of all shapes and sizes within Ci Distribution’s customer base. We are delighted to be able to have the opportunity to offer these products to Ci Distribution and its partners. We strongly believe that Ci Distribution is a valuable addition to our network and will enable us take our business to the next level within the UK; we very much look forward to working with them.”


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