Monday, 16 June 2014

ADAM Continuity will be on stand M21 opposite the Backup and Recovery Theatre at this year's IP EXPO, Europe’s number ONE IT infrastructure and cloud event at London's ExCel. 

IP EXPO Europe is the only must-attend show of the year for CIO’s, heads of IT, technology experts and engineers. You can register to attend IP EXPO for free through this link:

Monday, 2 June 2014

Businesses and organisations are invited to learn the benefits of video conferencing at a lunch event hosted by leading technology supplier Centerprise International.

Centerprise, which has just won a contract to provide IT services including video conferencing to Her Majesty’s Treasury, is to hold two events at its Basingstoke headquarters, on June 12 and July 10.

Delegates will enjoy lunch and the chance to network, and will get to see a demonstration of Centerprise’s cutting-edge, affordable and fully supported video conferencing service.

Everyone who attends will also be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab III, which the winner will take away on the day.

Marc Gravett, Business Development Manager at Centerprise, said: “We know that businesses value the many advantages of video conferencing including the fact that it means they can spend less time and money travelling to meetings.

“Video meetings are so much better than audio-only calls – they’re much more personal and you can be sure that you’re getting the full attention of the people at the other end without them being distracted by other things. They are a great way of building much closer business relationships with people who know and trust you.

“However, we’ve found that business leaders don’t like the problems that come with traditional video conferencing – the amount of equipment they need to set up and the unreliability and high cost of traditional video conferencing setups can put them off.

“Our service is different – it’s hugely flexible as it can be used in dedicated video conferencing suites or on any PC or tablet across virtually any network. It’s highly reliable, it offers superb image and sound quality and it comes at a very low cost.

“Our aim is to make video conferencing so straightforward that it’s something businesses use all the time as part of their working day. We believe that once business leaders see what our platform is capable of, they won’t look back.”

Centerprise International’s “business class” video conferencing service is platform-agnostic – meaning it works across any network and any device to offer a low-cost, ultra-reliable and highly secure way to hold meetings, conferences and business catch-ups.

The service is hosted on a secure network and in the cloud, minimising the need to install equipment. The service is fully supported by Centerprise so businesses do not need to put any time or manpower into keeping it maintained.

The system operates on a low fixed monthly fee for unlimited use and makes use of real time activity monitoring to ensure it delivers high quality video and audio to a consistently high standard. Businesses are being offered a two-week free trial so they can try the service out for themselves.

To sign up for the lunch events or to find out more about the service, see

Centerprise’s top tips for video conferencing:

1. Check your equipment – do a dry run to make sure everything’s up and running well ahead of your meeting

2. Dress appropriately – try to avoid bright colours or complicated patterns which may be distracting on screen

3. Share information – if you’re working from an agenda or referring to reports, make sure these have been emailed to everyone taking part before you log in

4. Look at the camera – not at the screen, so the person you’re talking to can see your attention is focused on them

5. Check that there’s enough light in the room – you don’t want to appear in silhouette

6. Be natural – don’t exaggerate gestures or speak with an unusually loud voice – there’s no need

7. Be on time – there’s nothing worse than being late for a meeting whether that’s in person or on video

8. Be personal – address your comments to the person you’re talking to, eg “Sue, I’d just like to ask…”

9. De-clutter – make sure your meeting area is free of distractions so the focus is on what you’re saying and not the state of your office

10. Sign off properly – don’t forget to make sure the connection is properly severed and equipment isn’t transmitting before having that post-meeting chat with your colleagues

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