Monday, 9 March 2015


Centerprise International announce the launch of their advanced Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, a fully managed cloud solution that measures usage on an innovative ‘Cloudlet’ basis, new for 2015.

Centerprise’s PaaS offering has been brought to market to minimise the costs associated with application hosting and to stop service disruptions caused through poorly defined capacity limits.

Alongside strategic partners, Centerprise has developed a solution to this recurring industry problem by providing a truly elastic platform that grows with demand whilst ensuring customers only pay for the capacity they use. The latter being achieved though Cloudlets.

A Cloudlet is a uniquely defined unit of measure that equates to 128MB of RAM and 200MHz of processor capacity. This is roughly equivalent to 1/64th of a traditional virtual machine therefore allowing costs to be calculated on a far greater granular level.

The service is useful for developing and deploying both Linux and MS Windows–based cloud applications, so is a fine competitor to mainstream providers and puts Centerprise in a very advantageous position.

‘This offering comes as more and more organisations are moving away from traditional on premise virtualization solutions and transitioning into the cloud.’ Says Peter Franklin, part of the Centerprise Team who has been responsible for producing the Service.

His colleague continues:

“Although we have been delivering best in class managed services into the Public Sector for a number of years, this PaaS offering further reinforces Centerprise’s reputation for delivering innovation and helps us to continue to expand our footprint within Government” says System Integrators Business Manager, Jeremy Nash.


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