Monday, 16 March 2015

Media Release 16/03/2015

Centerprise International have been awarded a £3m MoD contract through the new Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Technology Products Framework RM1054 on 14 January 2015.

This is the first contract award under Lot 3 – Secure Technology Products and Disposals.

In collaboration with Fujitsu, Centerprise will be delivering over 6000 laptops to the Ministry of Defence as part of the Army HQ XP Laptop Refresh Project.

This project was a direct result of the British Army needing to replace their unsupported Windows XP Legacy Fleet of laptops.

Centerprise have been a major supplier to the MoD for over 3 decades. It is this consistent high level of service and demonstrated experience that has secured the contract.

Total quantities ordered as follows:

1218 units of Fujitsu E745 Lifebook Laptop

4875 units of Fujitsu E554 Lifebook Laptop

A mandatory requirement of the contract is to provide full encryption, imagining, configuration and asset management utilising Centerprise’s secure production capabilities.

Peter Thomas, Defence Account Manager at Centerprise International said;

‘This is a great win for the MoD team at Centerprise and demonstrates the excellent relationship we have with our partners’

‘By working closely with Fujitsu, we will be able to deliver this project to tight MoD timescales’
In choosing Centerprise and Fujitsu, the Army have made clear their intent to continue standardising their fleet of Laptops.

CEO of Centerprise International, Garry Stevens commented;

‘The CCS Contract was key for Centerprise to build on our success in the public sector and so it’s fantastic to have already won the first major contract of Lot 3’

‘We have always valued the Ministry of Defence as one of our most established customers and are thrilled to once again be supplying the British Army’.



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