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“Load up a game, crank up the settings, and this bird can really sing” James Archer, Computer Shopper

Centerprise partner YoYoTech have received even more recognition after a review from the industry leading title, Computer Shopper.

The spotlight fell on the Warbird RS12 – the ultra-powerful yet super sleek gaming workstation, crammed with handpicked hardware components.

The workstation received 4 stars from Computer Shopper, as well as a recommended Award, after undergoing the rigorous testing these reviews demand. Computer Shopper is read by technology enthusiasts across the UK and is home to the largest reviews section in any UK tech magazine. This section is often the first port of call for gamers when considering their next PC.

This most recent accolade comes shortly after an ‘Editor’s Choice’ award from MicroMart, proving that YoYoTech are leading the way in the UK gaming workstation market.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Centerprise International confirmed their inclusion on “Link: Solutions IT” the new NHS Shared Business Services Framework, with the second highest scoring proposal out of the 15 companies accepted.

Link: Solutions IT is a multi-million pound procurement framework for NHS bodies, as well as other public sector institutions. It will serve as a one stop shop for IT, with a single Lot covering cloud services, networking, virtualisation and managed services; reflecting the ways in which IT has changed in the last decade, as well as the latest trends in public sector IT procurement.

Centerprise International (Ci) has provided specialist IT within the NHS for a number of years. The new framework will run alongside the current Link: IT and so allow Ci to capitalise on their move into managed service provision, as well as providing a full product offering to NHS organisations.

Since diversifying into managed service provision in recent years, Ci is well positioned to build on its wealth of knowledge and experience within the Healthcare sector to supply the full array of services expected through this framework. Ci’s ability to design, implement and support relevant solutions is strengthened by the fact that it owns an impressive manufacturing facility located in Wales – this breadth and depth of capability undoubtedly contributed to Ci’s high scoring proposal. 

Sales Director, Jeremy Nash, said;

“This is another significant framework win for Centerprise. The NHS SBS framework offers NHS, and wider public sector, bodies a flexible and effective means to procure relevant services from a range of trusted suppliers.  We are looking forward to working with NHS SBS and the Trusts to make this framework a success.”

The framework has been orchestrated by the Shared Business Services, a joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria that provides best practice and economic business services for the NHS. 

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