Monday, 19 September 2016

Centerprise have secured a contract with CERN, the European Research facility for Nuclear Science, to provide 25 petabytes of storage units alongside a 3 year support contract after demonstrating a substantially successful history of delivering server and storage solutions across the UK public sector.

Physicists and Engineers at CERN are studying the structure of our universe, quite literally particle by particle, in pursuit of discovering the fundamental laws of being. The research is conducted with particle accelerators that are designed, built and operated within CERN with the aim to one day conclude the question; how did we come to be here?

CERN is an intergovernmental organisation with 21 member states and is located on both sides of the French/Swiss border. The existence of CERN provides a platform that enables the international collaboration in the field of high-end particle research in their pursuit to ‘accelerate science’.

Centerprise built, tested and delivered the storage units in excess of 25,000TB ahead of the 8 week schedule. The project was completed in compliance with all specifications which included above industry standard component functionality.

In procurement and completion of the released tender, Centerprise have delivered an extensive infrastructure that contributes significantly to the storage and support network CERN require to maintain the ongoing search beyond the office.

Centerprise will continue to support CERN over the next three years as a recognised and approved supplier of the research facility.


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