Monday, 19 October 2015

On the 1 October, the Distribution Team at Centerprise added Caterpillar (Cat®) phones to their increasing portfolio of ruggedized IT.

These phones will be delivered in partnership with Bullitt Group who design, manufacture, market and sell mobile phones and consumer electronics in partnership with global brands such as Caterpillar and JCB.

Ci Distribution have had ample success in the last decade and are fast becoming one of the largest distributors of ruggedized devices. The partnership with Bullitt Group comes as the team are taking on more suppliers to offer resellers across the UK a varied choice of specialist rugged IT.

Cat phones are specially engineered with the latest technology to withstand the most challenging mobile working environments, whilst boasting an impressive range of technical features;

- Oil & grease resistant
- Water, dust & drop proof
- Large capacity battery
- Wet-finger tracking
- Glove-on working* technology
- Super bright display

The addition of this new range will allow Centerprise to provide a comprehensive service to their customers, who will have the opportunity to purchase notebooks, tablets and now phones – a fully mobile rugged solution under one roof.

Business Unit Manager, Emma Loveless said,

“The team are very excited to launch this new partnership. Already they have outstanding knowledge and experience, enabling them to provide the best rugged devices to our customers. Now we can offer them something new to complement their solutions.”

“The rugged smartphone market is growing with over 10m units sold globally in 2014 and our Cat phones portfolio appeals to those who regularly damage their existing phone due to them being used in work environments they were not built for. By partnering with Centerprise we look forward to capitalising on their proven experience with our target demographic.” said Oliver Schulte, CEO of Bullitt Mobile.

Emma and her team believe this recent development will increase their reputation and drive opportunities. The Cat phones range will strengthen their position in current, well established markets such as construction and utilities and also enable expansion into new verticals.

With a constantly increasing portfolio, Centerprise Distribution are closer to becoming the number 1 for rugged products in the UK. 


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