Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Centerprise International have become a supplier on the multibillion CCS RM1058 Technology Services Framework, allowing the company to provide customisable service provision to the Public Sector.

The RM1058 is set to replace the RM717.  The new framework will have 11 Lots, providing a clear and simple procurement route for customers.

Centerprise were awarded the 9 Lots they tendered for

  • Lot 1: Help Desk / Service Desk
  • Lot 2: Desktop Support
  • Lot 3: Network Management
  • Lot 4: Network and Content Security
  • Lot 5: Infrastructure and Platform, Maintenance and Support
  • Lot 7: IT Infrastructure Transi­­­­­tion Services and Delivery
  • Lot 9: Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Lot 10: Back-up and Data Services
  • Lot 11: Asset Disposal

Therefore Centerprise will be positioned to offer a range of Managed Services, particularly important when dealing with the Public Sector as each department has a specific set of requirements.

Centerprise will have the ability to cater to such requirements and create bespoke solutions to suit the complex needs and objectives of their customers.

CEO of Centerprise International, Garry Stevens said;

‘We’re pleased to be included on this framework as it gives us an opportunity to provide a more tailored service’

Since diversifying in to the market a decade ago, Centerprise has enjoyed great success. The company has delivered a broad range of managed services to various Public Sector departments.

With the separation of the services into specific Lots, the RM1058 is a great platform for Centerprise to demonstrate their versatility and level of customer service.

Garry continued;

The RM1058 brings with it the opportunity for us to expand our reputation as a significant player in the managed service arena’


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