Monday, 4 November 2013

Leading IT provider Centerprise is keeping Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) at the cutting edge of technology with an innovative new contract. 

 A deal between the Basingstoke-based IT systems provider and BCoT sees Centerprise take on overall responsibility for its IT infrastructure, working alongside the college’s IT staff.

BCoT’s computer systems had been run on a fully-outsourced and managed contract for the past nine years. When the time came to review the contract, the college was looking for better value for money and a more strategic partnership.

A key element of the new £500,000 three-year “hybrid” contract entails a team member from Centerprise being permanently on campus to ensure the college’s 1,500 laptop and desktop computers, which are used by 8,000 users across two sites, are up-to-date and running smoothly. The hybrid nature of the contract means that in addition to the embedded engineer, the college can draw on Centerprise’s extensive pool of specialists and experience to help maintain and develop the College’s IT systems.

BCoT’s own IT staff will work alongside Centerprise, benefiting and learning from the company’s strategic expertise.

Centerprise is responsible for the system infrastructure as it adapts and evolves and can swing into action quickly if opportunities or problems arise, such as a disaster recovery scenario.

The result is a contract that delivers the best of both worlds for the college – an evolving and constantly up-to-date system that is extremely cost-effective.

BCoT Principal Anthony Bravo said he was delighted to team up with a local company that shared his vision of how IT could be used to inspire students.

“The idea of working in partnership with a local company in this way seemed like a powerful opportunity, and there is the potential to do a lot more with them in the future,” he said.

“This partnership means that college staff can work exactly where we want them to from day to day and Centerprise can keep developing our systems. That was one of the aspects of this arrangement that appealed to us.

“We think the college has the potential to be a showcase, a reference site for how IT can be used in education and how it can be transformational for students.”

Basingstoke College of Technology is rated “good with outstanding features” by Ofsted and makes extensive use of IT in its teaching.

 Ian Ward, IT Director at BCoT, said: “Working with Centerprise has been a breath of fresh air. The approach and vision provided by Centerprise has been proactive and flexible.

“Working together in this manner is a much more efficient way of making sure we get the best out of our IT – especially as the needs of the college are constantly evolving. In the end it’s the students who benefit from the results.”

Jeremy Bruty, director of Education Sales at Centerprise, said “As part of this exciting deal there is a network engineer permanently on site reporting directly to Centerprise. He undertakes day-to-day monitoring of the infrastructure and if there is an update required or there is an emergency, he is right there to help.

“The college recognised that we are also the perfect strategic partner to help evolve its systems over time. They were looking for a contract where they could draw on expertise when they needed it, and they required a company with a broad range of specialism in those areas.

“This hybrid arrangement gives them the value for money but also gives them the strategic input and control that the college needs.”

Picture: Anthony Bravo, left, principal of BCoT, with Jeremy Bruty of Centerprise


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