Friday, 15 August 2014

A super-fast, highly secure and incredibly flexible service designed to make video conferencing part of everyday business life has been launched by leading technology supplier Centerprise International.

The company has unveiled Mix Connect, a highly secure “business class” service that runs on its own private and encrypted network and offers users unrivalled flexibility at low cost.

Mix Connect requires no equipment to be bought or set up – it can run on a company’s existing laptops and desktop PCs, or on tablets and smartphones, across virtually any network. This can be further enhanced with bespoke telepresence hardware for meeting rooms or board rooms.

The public launch of the product comes after Centerprise signed a multi-year deal with Her Majesty’s Treasury to supply services including video conferencing – with the high level of security being one of the defining features.

In a survey of business leaders, Centerprise International found that half of all respondents had never used video conferencing technology before. And almost a third (29%) said they had tried it but did not currently use it.

Centerprise International believes its Mix Connect technology has the ability to change that – and to make video calling and collaboration a part of daily working life.

Richard Austin, a Director at Centerprise International, said: “Video conferencing has a host of benefits – it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s green because it cuts down on travel and a video call is much more personal than a phone call.

“The people you are meeting with are more engaged while on a video call than they are on a phone call because it’s much less easy to be distracted when you are face-to-face with your colleagues.

“Despite these obvious advantages it’s clear from our research that many business leaders have not used video conferencing for a long time, perhaps because they were frustrated by its limitations while the technology was in its infancy.

“It’s time they tried it again – Mix Connect is a game-changer. It is pin-sharp, flexible, incredibly secure and lag-free – a world away from the cumbersome systems of old. And because companies don’t need to provide any extra equipment, it’s an incredibly versatile and cost-effective service.”

The innovative Mix Book software allows user to easily host or schedule a multi-way meeting in seconds. The technology can track who its users have met and for how long – making it easy for managers to monitor workflow and efficiency.

Businesses are being offered a two-week trial so they can see the benefits of Mix Connect for themselves at no risk. For more information see

Survey results: 

Have you ever used VC or video-chat technology before?

50 % - Yes, I currently use it
29% - I’ve tried it before, but I don’t use it 
21% - No, I have not

Who do you usually contact using VC or video-chat?

25% - Colleagues
19% - Friends
19% - Candidates
16% - Family
14% - Customers
7% - Suppliers

Do you use video conferencing for any of the following?

17% - Catching up and networking
15% - Interviews
14% - Sharing ideas
12% - Talent recruitment
10% - Webinar
10% - Training purposes
8% - Sharing files of photos
7% - Project management
3% - Forecasting
2% - Classes
2% - I use it for something else


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