Wednesday, 21 May 2014

UK buyers can get their hands on an an award-winning retro-style PC chassis for the first time thanks to gaming PC experts YOYOTech.

The  901 Retro Mini-ITX Chassis, which combines a classic look with cutting-edge performance features, is now for sale at

The chassis, whose classic style brings to mind the home entertainment systems of the 1970s and 80s, has won a host of design accolades.

It was highly praised at CES in January, where it won Computer Shopper’s “Best of CES” award, and has also been honoured with a Red Dot Award for Design and Innovation.

The chassis, ready to ship at just £149 and compatible with mainboards in the small and highly-efficient Mini-ITX format, is created from a single piece of 4mm aluminium alloy with tinted, tempered glass side panels.
YOYOTech are also selling fully-assembled PCs housed in the retro-styled chassis in three models that form its NINE series - the Nine Silent Q1, Q2 and Q3.

The Q1 model at £699.99 includes a 2TB hard drive, the Q2 version at £849.99 adds a faster Nvidia GTX760 graphics card and 120gb solid state drive and the high performance Q3 at £1,159.99 has a lightning-fast 16GB of RAM. All three models include a noiseless passive cooling power supply.

 Despite its retro stylings the Retro Mini-ITX Chassis features a host of 21st century features including:
  •  Support for graphics cards up to 300mm
  • CPU cut out for easy installation
  • Hidden optical disk drive bay
  • Support for external liquid cooling systems, removable hard drive brackets
  • Super-efficient airflow design
  • USB 3.0 ports
  •  Magnetic aluminium fan filter and hidden vents

 Internally, there are two 2.5-inch bays suitable for SSD drives and another pair of bays that can take two more SSDs or a pair of 3.5-inch drives.

For users who require a slimline optical drive, there is a secluded bay underneath the main chassis.
Connectivity is taken care of with a standard 3.5mm audio port and a pair of high-speed USB 3 ports. 
Airflow is smooth thanks to a whisper-quiet 90mm rear fan, a 120mm fan at the bottom of the chassis and a 120mm liquid cooling radiator. 

The overall dimensions are 350mm x 173mm x 400mm and the 901 can support a CPU heatsink that’s up to 130mm in size. 

YOYOTech business development manager Ryan Pearton said: “This chassis has turned a lot of heads and deservedly it has been on the receiving end of some prestigious awards.

“Its classic design combined with the latest in performance make it an excellent buy and we’re delighted to be offering it for sale in the UK for the first time.”

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