Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Centerprise International (Ci) has won a major four-year contract to deliver media and wireless ICT services to the Treasury.

The Basingstoke-based IT services specialist has been awarded the first contract in the Treasury’s HMTICT2015 Programme.

The programme introduces several contracts to replace current services provided by a single supplier responsible for delivering the restricted and unclassified network, hosting and development of applications, service, and end-user computing.

In line with the current direction of Government ICT to deliver efficiencies in its supply chain and to encourage SME participation, the Treasury is breaking up the single provider arrangement into a number of managed service contracts.

Being awarded the first is a significant milestone for Basingstoke-based Ci, a leading supplier of managed IT hardware and services, as this is its first Central Government contract and coincides with the business’s 30-year anniversary.

Jeremy Nash, systems integrators business manager at Centerprise, said: “This is a big win for us. We are an SME employing about 130 people, so to be able to compete for Central Government contracts opens up a whole other level of business for us.

“We have a great deal of experience working in defence, education and wider public sector markets, so we are delighted to be given this opportunity.”

More than 100 companies, about a third of which were SMEs, showed an interest in the ICT 2015 opportunity. Ci competed for the Media and Wireless Tower and will provide:

  • support and maintenance of a wireless infrastructure and associated services
  • support and maintenance of a TV distribution infrastructure and service
  • support and maintenance of unclassified end user devices and associated services
  • cloud-based Video Conferencing Services
  • on-site support services that include an ICT Loan service and a service to ensure meeting rooms are in working order

Ci will deliver its ‘business class’ video conferencing service into the ICT2015. The system is platform-agnostic – meaning it works across any network and any device to offer a low-cost, ultra-reliable and highly secure way to hold meetings, conferences and business catch-ups

 The service is hosted on a secure network and in the cloud, minimising the need to install equipment.

The service is fully supported by Ci so organisations do not need to put any time or manpower into keeping it maintained. The system operates on a low fixed monthly fee for unlimited use and makes use of real time activity monitoring to ensure it delivers high quality video and audio to a consistently high standard.

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